Delivering Propane Grill Tanks To Your Door

First Tank Exchange



  • Convenient - delivered to your home, on your schedule
  • No commitment - not a monthly service, order what you want, when you want
  • No delivery fees
  • Any tank brand - we'll take any and all tank brands for exchange

"Could Cynch be easier? No, it could not. Quick and easy to schedule, effortless and painless delivery.

And a great price to boot."

Bryan R. 

"One of my best experiences in getting Propane. Very easy is to order . It’s free time in my busy schedule. I will be using the service in the future."

Bill G. 

“Super easy to order at a fair price, and I love that I don’t have to be home for the delivery. You guys have a customer for life!”

Maria S.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Cynch


Is there any ongoing commitment to try Cynch?

Can I exchange a tank from another provider (e.g. Blue Rhino)?

Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?

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Not at all! There is no subscription or commitment to use us. But we hope you'll love the convenience so much that you will order again! In fact, once you’ve set up an account, your next order “is a Cynch”!

Yes, it just has to be any standard grill-sized tank in good working condition. If you don’t have an empty tank to exchange, you’ll need to order a spare tank from us.

Nope, it’s easy...just give us instructions on where to access your used tank to help the delivery technician make the exchange or drop efficiently. We are unable to provide delivery time windows, so it is important that you can leave the tank in a secure and accessible location for our driver to access (just like FedEx or UPS package deliveries).

It varies by based on our delivery areas, but generally we deliver 6 days a week, from dawn to dusk. We start our days early to get you your tanks as early as we can. To help us avoid having a missed delivery, please have your tanks out by 7 am on the day of the exchange. It is much appreciated.

What are your delivery days and times?

Plus sales tax. Cynch tanks contain 15lbs of propane. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details. Offer valid from receipt of promo code through December 31, 2020. 

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